About Vogue Kingdom

1, About Retails

Vogue Kingdom seeks to provide those special silk clothing we felt were missing from our own wardrobes and put them in to yours.

Vogue Kingdom pieces are designed by our creative team in New York and Paris, based on the requirements of the inheritance of the classical and modern fashion aesthetics, perfectly combining the excellent natural characteristics of the fabric with the designs in accordance with the ergonomics in depth, thereby producing many kinds of the superior quality clothing.

Vogue Kingdom is a concept that arose from the collective mindset of the inspiring women around us. The intertwining of our separate lives, friendships and creative careers has led us here, to a brand that represents the best of all of us, of all women. The inspiration has always been here, right in front of us and now we hope to share it with you.

Each Vogue Kingdom piece is meant to be a individual addition to your own personal style, and it is our desire, ultimately, to give you the confidence to wear it. Along the way we will share our tips and tricks and hop this inspire you to try them yourself.

Vogue Kingdom always believes, only the highest-quality clothing with genius design, and the best service can win the constant affirmation of the loyal customers from all over the world, which is also the value of the Vogue Kingdom brand.

Come join us, We've been waiting for you.

2, About OEM, Custom, Made To Order
Whether it is a large-volume garment OEM order or a small-volume special custom, made to order, we are very happy to accept it and have enough strength to accept it.

Pay tribute to the designer brand:
We have always appreciated the designer brands starting from 0. They step by step, from design to sample, confirming fabrics, confirming pre-production samples, and formal production. They communicate with us every detail. We know that they are very hard and cumbersome to do this, but we understand their ardent hopes for customer recognition.
Therefore, in every aspect of clothing customization, we fully cooperate with them, actively communicate with them, and give our professional advice in time. Until the perfect appearance of ready-to-wear, the designer is very happy, the end customer's recognition is satisfied, let us know that we are doing more than just a professional job, but a very meaningful thing, even with greatness. Described, because we have turned the designer's design into a beautiful piece of real clothing.
We admire designers and we are proud to be able to work with designers.

Strength to undertake OEM orders:
At the same time, as a long-established professional clothing company, we have the strength and experience to accept large quantities of OEM orders.
We have a number of self-operated factories, and we have a professional sample workshop, efficient pattern maker department, experienced QC department, perfect logistics support department, professional sales and merchandiser department, we have established a complete set of clothing production process mechanism, and keep pace with the times, constantly citing new technical equipment, regularly training employees, always at the forefront of garment manufacturing.
With regard to quality, we have been producing clothing for so many years. We have produced a wide variety of clothing, and we have met various customers to meet the various needs of our customers. But what we remember most is clothing. Quality, quality is the establishment of trust, the protection of integrity, the fundamentals of business.
Second is the service. Whether it is a new customer or an old customer, we do our best to serve well. It is also the existence of new and old customers that we have the value and significance of our clothing company, so we cherish every customer and provide professionalism. Excellent service.

So what are you waiting for? If you have any enquiries now, please let me know and look forward to working with you.

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